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As a mom running a business from home have you ever asked yourself...


Everyone else seems to be able to juggle it all but I feel like I am always behind or forgetting something

Am I just not cut out for this?

I have tried lots of different ways to schedule and create routines. I try to stay on top of things but nothing seems to work like I want it to.

Will I ever figure this out?

All I want is to know that I am a good present mom who is killing it at my business too. I don't want to sacrifice my family, my business or my own identity.

Is this even possible?

I felt like I was drowning

Juggling work during nap times and late nights. Dragging & fighting to stay awake and present during the day while caring for my kids and home.


I wanted to run a business from home as a mom but most days it felt like all of it was running me.


Sometimes it was the physical toll it took. The constant lack of sleep.
Sometimes it was the emotional & mental load of the expectations, the failures, the worry of doing it wrong.  The load of being the one to do it all for everyone and make it seem easy.
But mostly it was wondering if this is really what it had to be like to be a mom and have the business that I wanted.

So I would go all in

give myself the pep talks, the productive to do lists, the flurry of getting it all done. Only to have it de-railed by a toddler temper tantrum and spend the rest of the day frustrated and resentful trying to catch up.

or be burned out

so tired and overloaded with all I was keeping up with that I would spend hours taking a break because "it's been a day" or days struggling to get out of bed and do the bare minimum.

The more I couldn't figure out how to juggle and balance it all the more I worried.

Is there something wrong with me?

 I worried how it would affect my children.

My life wasn't bad. It wasn't a mess and I wasn't miserable. But I wasn't exactly loving my life, motherhood or entrepreneurship. I wasn't living the dream of having the best of both worlds. Getting to be home with my babies while doing what I love and making an income began to feel more like a prison than the dream life I had envisioned.

I felt stuck.  I was in a love hate relationship with mom entrepreneurship.


Turns out there wasn't anything wrong with me.

I just didn't know the foundational tools to deal with the mental, emotional and physical load of motherhood and entrepreneurship. 

This is so me!

These were just coping mechanisms my brain had developed. 


Just take a look...


- All or nothing cycles

- Stress response behaviors like over eating, binge watching tv, shopping, over indulging sweets, over scheduling, binge cleaning and organizing

- Trying to control my environment and have everything "right" in an attempt to feel more in control internally

- Roller coaster self talk. One moment I was my best hype man the next beating myself up with negative self talk.

-Cherry picking my to-do list. Only doing the stuff that felt good at the time or easy and leaving the hard stuff to pile up.

- Escapism excuses (escape kids = work more, escape work = "the kids need me")

- Busyness and over scheduling myself in order to feel productive and avoid negative feelings

- Paralyzation and indecision. Not taking action or making decisions afraid to do the wrong thing.


It doesn't matter if you start your day with the best of intentions you will still struggle if you...


- feel sorry for yourself and rebel against your to-do list, schedule or routine

- use binge or negative coping behaviors to take the edge off or avoid your emotions like stress, anxiety, boredom, resentment or insecurity

- use your kids or your business as an excuse to not be living the life you truly want to be living and feeling how you truly want to feel 


You do this because your brain believes these behaviors are solving a problem


These behaviors are just an indicator of what is happening beneath the surface.

It's what keeps you stuck in this cycle.


I want to figure this out

Jaquie O.

Brittany, you were the help I never knew I needed. I have learned so much in just one afternoon that has changed how I look at my life, myself and how I operate my business and even my home! I'm mind blown at your teaching and how much can change in such a small amount of time.

The key is stop fixating on the behaviors or trying to juggle it all and start focusing on what is happening in your mind.

It is the only way to actually take the action that you do want, stop what you don't want and to feel how you want to feel

Learning how to do this is easier than you may think.

With results faster than you can imagine.

I can teach you how in the


30 Day Balance Reboot


Here is what makes my approach different...

The Gift of Giving You Back Control

I don't just give you advice based on what worked for me that you have to follow perfectly to get results. I teach you life long skills based on brain science and coach you on how to implement them in your own life in the way that is best for you and for the results you desire.

Judgement Free Zone


There is nothing wrong with you. There is no shame or blame for thoughts, feelings, desires or behaviors. I understand the psychology and the science behind it so I can help you fix it. 


Clear Up the Mystery


These behaviors and feelings don't just happen. By learning how and why these things form in the brain, you'll figure out why you keep doing certain things and feeling how you feel. No more hoping for "one day" when you can finally feel like you have it all together.

No Perfect Timing Needed

You don't need to wait for more time in your schedule, for the kids to get older or go back to school or for less stress. You don't need less events or to take a vacation first. You don't need the business to slow down or to finally take off or to hire help first. The whole point is to create skills that you can practice and apply in real life so you can change your life.

It's about learning how to do what needs to be done without forgoing connection, success, fun and ease.


It's about taking back control over your mental and emotional load instead of being at the mercy of it.

Only then can you truly balance your life, yourself and your business.

I 'm ready to take charge

Sara W.

Only 10 days in and already seeing such a huge shift in myself and my family! I have better boundaries around my work and family time and I don't feel guilty at all. I actually feel present and at ease when I am spending time with my kids. I am also more productive. I have not been this consistent at anything before! It's amazing.

What will your life look like in the future?


You might discover...

- you can more easily manage your time and increase your effectiveness

- that negative coping behaviors are easier to overcome and let go of  (just imagine what it would be like feeling in control again and how that could impact your health, sleep, mood and wallet) 

- that you will have more days where you confidently and genuinely feel like you are crushing your day and fully enjoying your life and family

- that your relationships with yourself and your family becomes deeper, more enjoyable and calm

- that you can more easily manage your emotions like anxiety, stress, anger and overwhelm

- your life and business will be more organized and intentional


The point is you can't create the kind of balance you want to have as a mom, woman and business owner until you understand why you don't currently have it.


The Balance Reboot


A 30 Day live coaching experience that will teach you step-by-step how to take back control and create more balance in yourself and in your life forever.


What's Inside...


I'm All In

Here's another secret. Just by giving yourself a reboot, you'll unlock tons of benefits...


 Increased productivity

 Increased energy

More confidence

 More clarity and direction

 Overall happier

 A healthier you

 A better you

 A new set of skills that you can pass on to your kids


Who doesn't want to feel better, have more energy, be more effective and efficient AND be able to pass on invaluable skills to their children?




Let's talk about your priorities and what really matters...



Your mental well being as well as your emotional health. Your ability to cope, think, create and really live the life you want.


Your physical health. Your energy, your restorative sleep, and the ability to physically keep up and enjoy your day, your kids and overall your life.


Being present and there for your family. To have deep quality connections with your children, your spouse and other important relationships that you have or want. The ability to financially contribute to your family.


Fulfilling your purpose and drive matters. Your financial independence matters. Your spirituality, your voice, your vision and how you share that with others through your business or other ways matters.


Notice how overwhelm, anxiety, busyness, and juggling tasks to exhaustion don't make that list?

Yet, that likely takes up so much time, energy and space in your life.


The constant "catching up"

The weight of the expectations and responsibilities

The feeling of being "stuck"

Changing your understanding of your brain is an investment in creating a life you love NOW before it's too late and the kids are grown.


Most people pay for it
(and then some) just by not stress buying on a trip to Target or Costco.


- All of the On Demand teaching videos

- Your Workbooks, Live Coaching, On Demand Q&A, The "Secret Tool", The Foundations of the Brain, and the "30 Day Process"

- Plus the secrets to achieving your goals easier and making intentional time for what you want and need.

AND modules on Effective Decision Making, How to create Commitment and Consistency with Flexibility

You also get on demand access through an app on your phone so you can access anywhere, anytime



Your family, your business and your happiness is more than worth it.

Alright, Let's Do This!

I also want to give you a bonus

Because I know your thinking,

"How am I going to find time to do this when I'm already busy?"

And I want to help you be as a successful as you can be and reward you for stepping up.

So I am going to include the 



Learn how to easily and effectively create more time in your life so you can spend it how you like

without falling behind on your to-dos or feeling guilty

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